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If you curently have created a communication account at gmail login, you are able to go to login page and enter the password to login for your account and commence sending emails. A quite normal problem could be that the password can not be remembered through the user. I have returned to N-body, my first mobile effort , with all the goal of which makes it cross -platform and adding new ideas. i constantly employ a sign in error and should not access my email from both email accounts with gmail and one of which i use for work. On the HTC Desire 816 I have 5 different approaches to add a contact account and 5 give error “wrong name or password” yet when I search online I can visit. – Lavabit’s basic account offers virus protection, 128MB of storage and approximately 64MB with your outgoing message size. I did setup appearance in gmail, and I copied-and-pasted the script fully, except I did customize the value with the TASKLIST variable (as required) as shown below.